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With our competence, nature, customer-centric mindset and smart technology we know your business and can foresee risks and can ensure to capture and protect the value already established in your brands. Being a new generation, multilingual and multicultural team with the world as our playground, it gives us a clear advantage when it comes to global understanding and relevant trends for our customers. With this proactive and strategic mindset, we always plan our moves to know we are one step ahead thereby reducing potential risks. We act fast and agile with speed, energy and efficiency. We are driven with passion and want to see our customer succeed. And to make this happen, we need to know you. We believe this is the best way to build trust and enable a great teamwork to grow your business.

Team Member

Stelios Stafylakis

Head of Legal
Team Member

Amrutha Lakshmi Sunku

Business Controller
Team Member

Rema Abo Ali

Trademark Attorney
Team Member

Anzor Shouk

Customer Success Manager